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Feeding Stations & Accessories

Feeding Stations & Accessories

  1. Heavy Duty Feeder Pole Adaptor

    Heavy Duty Feeder Pole Adaptor

  2. Small Feeder 'S' Hook
  3. Bird Feeder Cleaning Brush
  4. Feeding Station Hook
  5. Medium Feeder 'S' Hook
  6. Bird Alert Window Stickers
  7. Feeding Station Bird Bath

    Feeding Station Bird Bath

  8. Heavy Duty Feeder Seed Tray
  9. Twirled Border Hook - 1.2m

    Twirled Border Hook - 1.2m

  10. Bird Bath & Support Ring
  11. Feed Scoop

    Feed Scoop

  12. Bird Feeder Bracket
  13. Feed Tray with Support Ring
  14. Heavy Duty Bird Feeder Bracket
  15. Aluminium Scoop

    Aluminium Scoop