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Kent & Stowe offers award winning high quality garden tools, expertly hand crafted for today’s gardener.

Our comprehensive range of UK designed high quality garden tools covers all aspects of digging, cultivating, cutting and tidying.

Stainless & Carbon Steel Tools

High quality stainless steel heads for minimal soil adhesion and excellent rust resistance. These tools in particular are easy to keep clean. Carbon steel tools are ideal for heavy gardening use because our tools are built with a very strong material, making it good at resisting abrasion.

Cutting Tools

Kent & Stowe cutting tools use the finest materials and the best manufacturing techniques to ensure a clean and precise cut. They make any job easier as the blades easily slice through both live and dead wood.

Lighter Tools

Our Garden Life range is perfect if you are  looking for a lighter weight tool. They are perfectly weighted, balanced and proportioned to give you maximum comfort and enjoyment while enabling you to garden for longer.

Kids Tools

The Kids collection ensures children can have the same quality tools just like mum and dad. The range gives children their first taste of real garden tools, ones they can cherish for years to come.

Specialist Tools

Kent & Stowe also has specialist tools for weeding, lawn care and topiary. As well as gardening accessories such gloves, wellingtons and garden kneeling pads. Our glove range includes everything from heavy duty leather, to cotton and bamboo for more intricate tasks.

The Kent & Stowe collection come with full guarantees.

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Where to buy online

Where to buy online

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