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Gardman is your friendly go-to brand for everything gardening. Whether you are looking for hanging baskets, arches, trellis or fencing – we have a solution to your every gardening problem.

Our Gardman products are high quality, functional and innovative.

Whether you are a beginner gardener or expert, and no matter the size of your garden, patio, balcony or allotment; Gardman has products to meet your needs.

Our range includes both natural and premium metal hanging baskets, as well as natural and metal arches and obelisks with coordinating products available. Instant garden décor includes artificial trellis, topiary, hanging baskets and succulent potted plants to enhance your indoor or outdoor space.

To meet your practical gardening requirements we have a comprehensive selection of gardening accessories from plant labels to thermometers and wire to soil testing kits.

Gardman also has a variety of metal and natural trellis to support your plants or use as decorative screening. Our border edging is sure to keep your lawns and beds and borders neat and tidy. While our selection of screening for disguising more unattractive features in your garden comes in an array of natural materials.

In addition we also offer mesh and netting in durable materials for plant support, crop and pond protection as well as fencing, cages and other gardening applications.

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Where to buy online

Where to buy online

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