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Grow Your Own

Grow Your Own

Whether you have a windowsill or a large allotment, it’s never been easier and more popular to grown your own fruit, vegetables, herbs or even border plants.

Growing your own is incredibly satisfying. You know exactly where your food is coming from, it can be cheaper than buying fruit and vegetables from the supermarket, is great exercise and provides, helps you get your 5-a-day and is a fantastic activity to involve the kids.


  1. Premium Seed Tray  - Small
  2. Premium 42cm Gravel Tray
  3. Seed Tray Lid - Small
  4. Premium Seed Tray  - Medium
  5. Premium Gravel Tray  - Medium
  6. 7.6cm Round Plant Pots
  7. 15cm Round Plant Pots
  8. 10cm Round Plant Pots
  9. 6cm Round Fibre Pots
  10. 8cm Round Fibre Pots
  11. Seed Tray Lid - Large
  12. Premium 52cm Gravel Tray

    Premium 52cm Gravel Tray

  13. 1 Litre Trigger Sprayer

    1 Litre Trigger Sprayer

  14. Seed Tray Lid - Medium
  15. 40 Cell Seed Tray Insert