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360 Degree Motion Sensor Technology

If you’re struggling to see whilst walking down your garden path or driveway, or if you want some extra security in your back garden, Cole & Bright have the answer. Cole & Bright’s 360 Degree Motion Sensor Technology solar lights are perfect for providing extra night-time visibility and security during the winter months.

Our lights have a clever motion sensor that activates when any movement is detected within a 360 degree angle and a 5m range. This offers maximum security for eight hours a night. These lights are also super bright, emitting 100 lumens when motion is detected and 5 lumens on standby.

360 motion sensor technology

Dual Power Technology

Not only do these lights feature 360 Degree Motion Sensor Technology, but they also feature Dual Power Technology. Dual power is an innovative technology which will guarantee you 365 nights of light. A rechargeable battery, which charges by daylight, powers our standard solar lights. However a rechargeable solar battery, as well as a standard alkaline back up battery power our Dual Power lights. Therefore if the solar battery hasn’t received enough daylight charge, the back-up battery kicks in and powers the light.

dual power

The 360 Degree Light Collection

Our range of lights are full of clever technology, but they also look the part. Choose from three different styles, each with coordinating post and wall lights.

If you are after a more contemporary style, then the Solar Nassington Post and Wall Lights are perfect for you.

nassington wall lightnassington post light

The Uffington Post and Wall Lights offer a more traditional feel if you require a classic look.

uffington wall light 360° Motion Sensor Technologyuffington post light

The Elton Post and Wall Lights are for more trend-led styled home and garden decor.

elton wall lightsolar elton post light 360° Motion Sensor Technology

Our 360 degree motion sensor lights have a confident 2 year guarantee to reassure you they will last.

360 motion sensor technology

So, don’t be afraid in the dark any longer with our 360 Degree Motion Sensor Technology Solar Lights.

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